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2/15/05 05:18 pm - inside_xout

name: Becky

age: 15

location: Massachussettes

relationship status: i have a potential bf...

top 5 bands:

1. taking back sunday

2. blink 182

3. the early november

4. the used

5. a second chance

top 5 movies:

1. thirteen

2. white noise

3. a walk to remember

4. the notebook

5. girl interrupted

top 5 tv shows:

1. gilmore girls

2. one tree hill

3. boy meets world



5 things you like:


2. black eyeliner<3 lol

3. white roses

4. my friends

5. aim

5 things you hate:

1. snobby, female, preps

2. when my mom yells

3. school

4. girl drama

5. homework

3 things you can't live without:

1. black eyeliner

2. internet connection

3. guys

your dream[s]: to be a a respected women, that teenage girls could look up to as a role model...
to be a journalist... to be a photographer

your fear[s]: spiders.. losing my friends.. being alone

your deepest secret[s]: im in love with ryan key, the lead singer of yellowcard ;] haha ..
hmm... I sing and dance with my brush as a microphone.. when im uberly bored haha =/

most embarrassing moment[s]: in dodgeball when my pants fell down, in front of the entire 7th grade class of boys =/ ... when I messed up on the morning announcements/news in school, horribly.

your opinion on:

smoking: you mean a cancer stick? pathetic.

drugs: waist of time.. horrible way to ruin your life.

alcohol: once in a while

abortion: incredible stupid.. should not be llegal.. if you dont want your baby.. give him/her up for adoption.. if you arent ready to have a baby.. then you didnt think through having sex. Even if you did use a condemn ... if you were raped.. well, give the baby up for adoption. my best friend was raped, and she just had her baby on february 8th.. good things CAN come out of horrible situations.

death penalty: i think they should suffer it out.. .

politics: want to be in politics one day lol..

your school: can be fun.. but i hate waking up early

your friends: i love them to death, cant live without them

your parents: i love them, but they get on my nerves

music: cant live without it <3333

something random: I love Jesus ;].

2/11/05 10:45 pm - traptinmihead


Sorry if this isnt a relevent post, but I shall remove it if it is...

So how has everything been going with everyone around here?  its been kinda quiet lately...hopefully, this community hasnt died...lets try to get the ball rolling again sometime soon, shall we?  Ill post some stories that have happened to me lately a little bit later...


1/25/05 08:03 pm - _iki_

Join theorangecounty xxxx

1/10/05 06:30 pm - derz714 - attention attention!!

hey everyone.. it's the creator speaking here. sorry i haven't been up to date with my community. how's everyone doing? tell me about your winter break? burst out in anything PLEASE. i need help with so call "pimping" up my lj. any ideas? would someone help me? or just do it for me? leave comments PLEASE!! i need the help. leave comments here but also leave comments in my livejournal PLEASE so that way i can get in touch with you. thank you so much.

1/8/05 04:35 am - pay_the_forfit

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12/25/04 05:24 pm - x0xblinkzx0x - OMg.!1.one.

Howdy kiddos.

Happy Christmas. Holidays, whatever.

Just dropping in to see how stuff is with everyone.

I'm...okay. Just okay.

School really blows it, and the only thing keeping me sane right now is music.

My parents dont understand me at the least. People at my school are shallow and two faced. And The French and Indian War seems more and more useless everyday.

The typical life of a teenager. -rolls eyes-

So there we go. I updated. -feels speshul- :)

11/27/04 08:44 pm - alloutof_faith - ...


11/26/04 04:41 pm - poeticwasteland - community thingy

name: Danielle


location:media, pennsylvania

relationship status:single

top 5 bands:

1.blink 182

2.Green Day

3.Breaking Benjamin


5.The Killers

top 5 movies:

1.Interview With the Vampire

2.Party Monster

3.House of 1,000 Corpses

4.Jeepers Creepers

5. Sleepy Hollow

top 5 tv shows:


2.Gilmore Girls

3. i don't watch anything besides those two shows

4.(see above)

5.(see 3)

5 things you like:

1. phone

2.writing (attempting to write books)

3. music


5. my friends b/c they're amazing

5 things you hate:


2.parents that leave their kids

3.abusive people

4.my stepfather

5.people who can't keep their mouths shut

3 things you can't live without:

1. my phone

2. my best friend ariel

3. my other friend steve

your dream[s]: not a clue, they change frequently

your fear[s]:heights, dying, the unknown, other wonderful things like that

your deepest secret[s]:no comment

most embarrassing moment[s]: now if i were to tell you all of them we'd be here all day quite literally

your opinion on:

smoking:i'm not all too fond of it since it killed my grandfater but if you want to do it i'll respect your decision

drugs:ehh so so, not really something i'd do but it's up to you if you want to do them

alcohol:as long as it doesn't make you hurt other people then sure

abortion:i'm not a big fan of it but if it's necessary then go for it, it's just not something i'd do

death penalty: depends why a person is getting a sentence like that, sometimes living is better then death

politics: it'd be nice if we got someone with a brain in the seats of power not the idiots we got sitting there now

your school: they over react to things such as: kissing, anything further then kissing, people going out, and sexual preference. the popular people need to leave the losers of the school alone and stop being such bitches. but otherwise it's not too bad. it's better then where i would've gone to school at.

your friends:my god i love them. i wish i knew them for the rest of my life. they keep me partially sane.

your parents:my dad i'd give him a chance if he'd come back and take responsibility for his child. my mom i hate. she's too easily influence by her husband.

music: it's amazing. it gives me something to think to.

something random:

*ahh look! it's a giant toe frolicking through the empire state building!

11/22/04 08:55 am - z_questionmarc - I'm new n stuff

My *get to know me* aplly cation thingy ma bobCollapse )

11/14/04 08:19 pm - pyrokinetica - Ettison Clio is Love

Ettison Clio, one of my favorite bands ever, is coming out with a new cd. And as street team member, I feel need to spread the love.

Ettison Clio's new cd is scheduled for release Dec. 3rd. And for it, they're putting a new song from it up on Purevolume.com TONIGHT (12:01 am) at http://www.purevolume.com/ettisonclio.

Please everyone go listen to it as much as possible, and try to get as many people to do the same as well. If EC gets a TON of hits and plays of the songs, they might get featured on the main page of purevolume, and thus get even more love. Spread the love! PLEASE!

This is a HUGE deal considering it's a local band from MI, and so it's hard to get their names out there. But seriously, they are amazing, so please give them a listen. also, http://www.ettisonclio.com for more info on them.
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